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Clientele - Projects Reference

Avanzare have worked with multitude of clients, ensuring the quality of the deliverables. Below are some of our clients and projects.

Singapore Expo Project - Starhub

We designed and implemented the fixed and Wifi network at Singapore Expo to support the communications requirements of exhibitors in 2002

SingNet Business BroadBand

We are the authorised installer in 2002 delivering Singnet business broadband

Singnet/Singtel Business and Residential Network Installers

From the year 2004 till 2012 we are the authorised installer for multiple programs under Singnet/Singtel, such as 3G Video Phone pilot in 2004, MIO Home Wireless Installer from 2004 to 2012.

Honeywell Building Automation installer

Working with Honeywell Building Automation as their installer, we have completed multiple projects including NUS Bukit Timah Campus revamp, Xilinx building construction, PSA building upgrading and many others

Siemens Building Automation installer

Working with Siemens Building automation, we delivered BMS solutions for Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Financial Centre and Wireless network design and implementation for IBMS system.

Certis - Term Contractor

We have been appointed as the term contractor for Certis Technology Singapore (formally CST) since 2005. 

Certis - PolCam

Since 2013, We are 1 of the main contractors for Certis Cisco in the MHA project PolCam. Helping Certis to implement for over 3,000 front end systems all over Singapore comprising of more then 40,000 surveillance cameras.

Certis - FWM

in 2012, we are invited to design and implement a wireless solution for Certis Cisco who have a project to install surveillance cameras at area where cabling are not possible. Our solution was well received and we are still implementing new phases till today

TAL - DNI Office

Designing and implementing the surveillance coverage for the Tripartite Alliance is challenging due to the strigent requirements and shorten timeline. But we still push through and get it done.

M1 - Term Contractor

2015, we were appointed as Term Contractor for M1. Implementing W@SG installation for M1 all over the island.

M1 - LTA

In 2016, M1 won the tender to provide W@SG services to all the MRT/LRT station and bus interchange in Singapore. We are in the process of implementing at all the bus interchange.

Many others

We have provided our services to many other corporate customer and goverment agency such as MOM, ST Electronics, SATS etc etc.... and the story continues.

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